An object at rest

I enjoy reading a good story. I particularly like it when I can read something I like and pass that along to friends so they can find something new. It’s an extra boost when they like something as much as I do.

I’ve been using a web site called Goodreads for a while now. I know there are questions about it – my understanding is it was gobbled up by Amazon or something. I know there are others out there like Library thing but so far I am comfortable where I am.

That thought just reminded me of a great line from the cartoon The Tick,

“An object at rest CANNOT BE STOPPED!”

That was from the midnight bomber what bombs at midnight. If you haven’t seen The Tick vs. The Tick, go look it up. The midnight bomber is my favorite.

Anyway – Goodreads. I’m on there and I like to share my views on the books I’ve read. I am only posting reviews of books I’ve read since I signed up on the site. I’m not going to go back and just give star ratings to things I’ve read in the past – with one notable exception. I started with the Hobbit. That was the book that kicked everything off for me. I give that book the full 5 stars without hesitation. It changed things for me. It was amazing. That is the 5 star standard. It’s amazing and/or really changes something for me.

If you’re interested (and not already there) pop on over and look me up. Maybe we can talk about a good book!

Advertising via Logarithm

So, I get these e-mails filled with “things I might like” generated by some computer code frequently. I’ve adjusted my line of thinking – these are the same as flyers and other junk mail I used to get by way of the post office only with more chance of something I’d actually be interested in. Sometimes I get amusing results based on random crap I’ve searched for. I’ve almost never had something leap out and fill me with the desire to spend money.

I got this from Amazon the other day – and it proves to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that computers have a long way to go before they replace people and the things people can do.



YES oh great and powerful Amazon – I might just be interested in a book that contains one of my stories. NO, I don’t think I’m going to purchase another copy through you.

I will however suggest to anyone reading that doesn’t have a copy – that’s a great price, you should pick one up and read it!

Speed of the Net (and other things)

It never ceases to amaze me when I sign on and realize that another week has shot past. There are days when I wish I could just write (things like this, and other things) all the time. I’m not certain I’m ready to make that leap. The business of writing is quite volatile these days. There are fewer or rather newer gate keepers and a chance to rocket to unbelievable heights. Mostly there is the same chance there has always been – to toil in obscurity never going beyond the current point.

I am endeavoring to change that. In my stolen moments I am writing, and submitting stories. To that end, I submitted a story to Interzone just this past weekend. I am grateful for the connectivity of the internet that allowed me to make a connection where I had been unwilling to attempt before. So – time flies and so do the e-submissions! I will definitely keep everyone posted on this as I know more.

I’d say I was crossing my fingers, but it’s really difficult to type that way.

Looking Forward to May!

The first couple of weeks of this year have been tough. I say that as I sit in the first portion of the second week. The weather has been difficult, my schedule has been… challenging, work has been chaos mixed with a company car accident, my computer broke, my car broke…

You get the idea.

Here’s the part that’s really, really cool. I just got (and filled out and returned right away) my invitation to participate in Balticon in May. Yes, it seems far away but it really isn’t. This little tidbit was really a bright spot. I get to go to a convention and hang out with all kinds of cool creators who share a pile of the same interests I have. I know it sounds a bit silly, but I’m excited for Memorial Day weekend already.

You should sign up and join us there!

Saturday Afternoon!

What are you doing Saturday afternoon? IF you happen to be around the Lancaster, PA area there’s a little event going on at the Barnes & Noble there – and I get to be part of it all!

Check out the details:


Time : 3-5:00 PM
Location : Barnes & Noble Lancaster, 1700H Fruitville Pike, Red Rose Shopping Center, Lancaster, PA 17601   717-290-8171
Fantastic Fiction Saturday

Available Now

I was asked the other day if the new book was available. I was a little bit shocked as it’s been out for a little while now, but I suspect what this means is I haven’t mentioned it enough.

Go and find DOGS OF WAR! It’s available now and you get to read some great stories (and mine too).

The Amazon link is here:

Or Barnes & Noble if you prefer:

I’m really thrilled to be part of the whole thing. It’s also cool when good reviews happen:

New Year, Same You?

I’m certain I’ve posted about this before, but I believe that post was at least 2 years ago… and on Live Journal (in a separate debate, I’m wondering if I should keep LJ and what to do if I want to shut it down).

So, the time of year for resolutions. Other than the convenience of the calendar, why now? I think it’s an important question. When you want to make a change in your life it doesn’t need to be tied to an arbitrary date on the calendar. Make a change that you know you can live with, even if it’s small.

Many years ago I made a “New Year’s Resolution” to never make a resolution like that again. I’ve been so much happier since then when this time of year rolls around. It is the one resolution I made that I have kept every year. Change, if you want it, can happen any time.

I hope you have a wonderful, happy, healthy new year.