Still Working

So, I’ve been working when I can to get my writing out there. I have a flash fiction piece I really like. I submitted it to a contest and I really thought I had a shot.

As it turns out there were only 750 entrants to the contest – odds were better than I thought.

Didn’t even crack the top 10.

So, I’ll tweak it and send it to somebody else.

In the mean time, if you’d like to be disturbed listen to the second place story here:

Lurking and looking bad

This past weekend Central PA Comicon was happening. I’ve written up a review for Watch The Skies that will be published on the 16th of this month (check it out at the new web site: ). I didn’t include a particular issue in that review that I still feel the need to comment on. It’s probably just me, but as this is my web site I guess my opinion is really what counts here.
I saw coverage of the convention in the local news media. One of the articles was here:
The coverage seemed, middle of the road. I feel like what they wanted was something more salacious than what they found. I could be wrong, but it’s the feeling I get. Despite the fact this was a “comicon” the headline includes Star Trek and a particular section about the guy that dresses up as a Klingon. I suppose based on the guests of the convention this was a point of interest, but it really rubs me the wrong way that this is the lingering impression people have of conventions. I’ve written about this before from the book angle – or the “I don’t read that stuff” effect.
Speaking of lingering impressions – there are 2 photos that I’m not particularly fond of. The photographer (Paul Chaplin) did a fine job, it’s the juxtaposition that bugs me. One is Bonjo the scary clown sitting and people watching (first image in the gallery). The other is me, sitting and people watching – but the costume aspect is opposite (last image in the gallery). I was in street clothes and the cosplayers were Joker and Harley. Like I said before, it’s probably just me but I hate looking like that guy lurking around the con and staring at female cosplayers and making them uncomfortable. I don’t ever want to be that guy, or make any cosplayer feel uncomfortable about what they’re clearly passionate about. I love what it takes to be willing to cosplay – even if I can’t pull it off and the image bugs me.
Like I said – it’s probably just me. It’s likely nobody will notice or care… but I noticed. What does anyone think, am I just over sensitive about this?