Wil’s new show

I’ll start with the blasphemy just to get it out of the way – I don’t like Star Trek that much. I enjoy it, but I’m not a fanatic. For a long time I’ve said, “That’s not MY science fiction”. It was a part of a certain ensign’s career that landed him in fandom’s collective memory however, so I do understand the need for credit where it is due. In the past couple of years I’ve come to enjoy reading Wil Wheaton’s blog. I admire a lot of things about the way he approaches life in general. I love the fact that he’s so into games and gaming. I watch Table Top as soon as it comes out whenever I can (and when I can’t… it’s the internet, I can go back for it).

In case you missed it, Wil has a new show on cable. I won’t lie, I have a naked hatred for the channel he’s on. I don’t want to advertise for them. I couldn’t just ignore the new show though, so I went and watched the first episode. If you’re interested, go and check it out here.

I have decided it must be me. I’m old or something. The show was OK, but it didn’t wow me. I was hoping for at least a little insight or a segment that really worked for me. What I got was essentially talk soup for stuff I don’t watch. I wanted to like this show so much and I’m totally indifferent to seeing it again. There were some bits that made me chuckle (the dragon was very funny, but it was like 3 seconds and a totally juvenile joke) and some bits that made me wonder (signing Hugh was too long) and some stuff that was just lost on me (haven’t had cable for a long time now).

I won’t give up on the show, but I don’t know how many episodes I’ll last. I suppose all I really have to do is last a handful of episodes – if the show becomes popular I suspect it will be cancelled right away (or maybe I’m projecting toward this channel I don’t like).

Balticon 48!

I am very excited to be heading to Hunt Valley today for Balticon. For anyone that missed my original post on Facebrick – here’s where I’ll be:

Writing the Economics of Magic (Panel) (Participant), Fri 18:00 – 18:50, Salon C (Hunt Valley Inn)
Fortress Press Book Launch (Other) (Participant), Sat 18:00 – 20:00, Con Suite (Hunt Valley Inn)
Film the Raven Evermore: Films Based on the Tales of Poe (Panel) (Participant), Sun 22:00 – 22:50, Belmont (Hunt Valley Inn)
Long-term Career Planning for Creatives: Surviving the Next 10 Revolutions (Panel) (Participant), Mon 08:00 – 08:50, Chase (Hunt Valley Inn)

I am also looking forward to seeing the liar’s panel and Mark Van Name’s new spoken word show. IF you’re headed to the convention I highly suggest both of these panels!

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Shifting Sand

I find it a bit stunning that it’s been 2 weeks since I’ve posted here. The whirlwind that is my schedule has made time blur and shift like sand. At times I feel about as stable as sand, but I wouldn’t trade the things I do.
One of the things I do is go to conventions – and Balticon is almost here! I am really looking forward to going this weekend and getting to reconnect with folks I don’t get to spend enough time with. It looks to be an amazing weekend. IF you get the chance, get to the convention. You can find out about it here: http://www.balticon.org/ . The daily rates are posted for anyone that can’t stay the entire weekend along with a preliminary convention schedule.
I have my first panel Friday at 6 pm… and the guest of honor will be there too. I suddenly feel the need to go study economics.
Hope to see you there!

Behind The Curtain

I’ve posted a couple of times lately about the new story I’ve got coming out in TV Gods, but I don’t want this to be the “promote my work” channel.

I like the idea of getting a peek behind the curtain from time to time and thought I’d offer one of my own.

Both of my stories that have been published in the Defending The Future series feature military members that are part of “Resource Command”. I suspect there are a lot of non-genre folks that would see this as a kind of prediction that science fiction is commonly known for. I don’t believe for a moment that fans will be shocked to hear that real science in combination with other news sources were part of the inspiration behind a military command group based around fighting for resources.

There has been news in many forms about climate change and associated dangers. There have even been official reports and news about those reports. It’s a simple extrapolation really. Take an idea from that – there will be riots in the future because people can’t get enough clean water – then ask – how to many places respond to riots? With force. Suddenly there’s a police or military need to respond to what people are doing about getting water. Voila – military science fiction story idea.

I genuinely hope we don’t ever need a military command to oversee who gets water and who does not. I don’t believe that will end well for anyone – except perhaps the already super wealthy that think like this too.

I do also love to hear about technology that works toward energy and preservation of resources, so don’t be shocked if a solar chimney appears in an upcoming story…

Good Reading

On Goodreads of course!

I know there are other internet sites for doing this sort of thing, but Goodreads is the one I got hooked up on and the one I think I’m going to stick with (at least for the foreseeable future).
I like this as a way to share the books I’ve read and the books that have really changed things for me. Those are the 5 star books – the ones that really change things for me. It’s tough to get 5 stars from me. I don’t like the fact that I can’t give half stars in their rating system, but I tend to put that in the review portion for each book I add. If I give 4 or 4 and a half stars that’s probably as high a rating as I go without something truly special.
Changing things for me includes books that have a story by me in them! Head on over to Goodreads and check out TV Gods from Fortress Publishing. My story “Leave It To Buddha” is in there! I’m looking forward to reading all the other offerings in the book and I hope you’ll be excited about it too.