A Pseudo-mention

A lot of the time lately I’ve found the internet to be a frustrating and mean place. I try to stay away from the most negative aspects of it, but I’m not always successful. The longer it goes, the more I understand the usefulness of Facebook as a tool and the more I hate the way it is handled. I have started to stay away.

Today I was surprised by something small and personal, but very cool and positive. I have a story in an anthology called TV Gods. I really like my story. While I was listening to Pseudopod I heard TV Gods called out. The narrator for the episode is also a fellow author! I was very excited. I realize it’s not a big deal to other people, but I really enjoyed it.

IF you like horror, please go and listen to Pseudopod. I am not particularly a fan of horror but this podcast really is excellent. The stories are frequently visceral and distressing – but isn’t that the point of horror?

The mention is right at the start of episode 444 “Boys Will Be Boys”. It is an uncomfortable story with genuinely horrible things in it. It is read by Keven M. Hayes – who really nails the mood and tone.

Well done. Well done. Go – check it out!

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