Advertising via Logarithm

So, I get these e-mails filled with “things I might like” generated by some computer code frequently. I’ve adjusted my line of thinking – these are the same as flyers and other junk mail I used to get by way of the post office only with more chance of something I’d actually be interested in. Sometimes I get amusing results based on random crap I’ve searched for. I’ve almost never had something leap out and fill me with the desire to spend money.

I got this from Amazon the other day – and it proves to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that computers have a long way to go before they replace people and the things people can do.



YES oh great and powerful Amazon – I might just be interested in a book that contains one of my stories. NO, I don’t think I’m going to purchase another copy through you.

I will however suggest to anyone reading that doesn’t have a copy – that’s a great price, you should pick one up and read it!

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