Attention Span

I joke with people that I have the attention span of a gnat with ADD. My superhero alter-ego is “Easily Distracted Man!” but he’s not much of a hero. He tends to lose the thread of the conversation when the villain is doing the monologue thing and stop paying attention. I do get distracted and I do lack focus.

Then I saw this video: Attention Span It dared me to watch the whole thing. It actually had quite the cynical take on attention span. Some interesting statements in there – particularly the one that said something like, “soon this dare will be over and you will win or lose and nobody will know buy you”.

I watched the entire thing. I didn’t believe there was no joke or that there wasn’t some kind of tag or lesson. I had a laser like focus… only for about three minutes, but it was there.

Why am I posting about my attention? This is a round about way of trying to not apologize for having such a large gap between posts. I’m fairly certain the standard apology for not posting is one of the most used posts by any writer or blogger ever. I had made a personal commitment to getting stuff posted here and then life got in the way. In the end, I really did have that laser like focus, it just wasn’t here. What that has done has given me even more desire to get creative. Hopefully the posts will pick up the pace over the next few weeks here.

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