Balticon 49

I was told that I am bad at self promotion. I know this is true. I am going to attempt to be better about getting info out there.

This (Memorial Day) weekend I will be attending Balticon 49. I have been going to Balticon for a long time (though not as long as many – I believe my first was 27 when Don Maitz was the artist GOH). I will be a guest / participant as well as an artist in the art show. I do not have confirmation that I was in time for a “meet the artist” time slot – but I do have 3 panels that I will be on. They are:


7:00 PM Fiction Writing for Gamemasters (and Vice-Versa) Derby
Eric Hardenbrook (M), PC Haring, Neal Levin, James Daniel Ross

They’re different skill sets, but have much in common. How does the prose writer learn to function in real‐time? How can an experienced gamemaster apply their skills to a self‐contained, linear story?


12:00 PM Getting into Short Fiction Salon C
John Skylar (M), Scott H Andrews, 2015 Compton Crook Winner, Eric Hardenbrook, Samuel Lubell

Online publishing and new press opportunities have created a renaissance in short science fiction and fantasy writing. Our panelists discuss where to go to find short stories and novellas to read, who and what a reader new to the sub-genre should look for, and why shorter works of SF/F have persisted and thrived.

1:00 PM Writing Interesting and Effective Short Stories Pimlico
Joy Ward (M), Eric Hardenbrook, Joshua Palmatier, Bud Sparhawk, Martin Berman-Gorvine

How do you make a large world without a large word count? Making a big story out of a small space.

I am looking forward to the convention – hopefully I’ll get to see you there!

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