Birthdays and Social Media

I’m planning on writing up a quick reflection on my birthday later – but I want to throw a couple of other little items out there first.

It’s more than a little creepy that my Google page has a birthday note on it. Birthdays are generally things I think of as celebrations for friends and family, not multi-national search engine companies.


I’m so happy to see birthday messages on Facebook. Little things really do make the difference. It has also become a distraction to my day. Having everything linked together is fantastic most of the time. Having my phone going off and my e-mail chime and my tablet announce new messages every time somebody posts isn’t generally an issue. Today they’re going off constantly – but not at the same time. I’ve had to restrain myself from jumping to check things in order to get any work done at all. I know – total first world problem. Not a complaint, just an observation. Maybe it’s all the noise and celebration of a birthday party, just spread out over the course of the day?

Thank you to all my friends and family for the birthday wishes. It matters. I appreciate it.

It’s my birthday! I’ll probably celebrate by mowing the lawn or finishing the laundry tonight. Look out for my life on the edge!

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