In the bones

California Bones (Daniel Blackland, #1)California Bones by Greg Van Eekhout
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I actually heard a story by this author on a podcast. IF you haven’t heard of the podcasts from Escape Artists you should go and listen. Why? Because you’ll find authors of works like this. A really cool book. I enjoyed it and will track down other works by this author.

I liked the world building. Magic comes from bones. Dig them up or take them from other magicians – they’ve got magic. Put all this in an alternate California that has broken away from the United States. You get a number of familiar pieces along with all the new bits just waiting out there to be discovered. It was a fun, quick read for me.

Is this a book without problems? No. There are things I question. There are small things that don’t really work right in my mind. I’m sure there are parts that won’t add up if I give them more thought. The key is I *didn’t* think of them while I was reading. I just blasted right through to the end.

I definitely recommend picking this one up.

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