Yes, I’ve seen it already. It was good. Others that were with me thought it was great. I’m going to put a bunch of stuff here in no particular order – all first impressions stuff. I’ll try to stay away from spoilery stuff, but you’ll probably be able to figure stuff out and then not be “surprised” by where things go if you read this. Not my fault if you go on from here.



This movie hit all the notes it was supposed to from a story point of view. The first one was excellent, the second one had issues and then there was the Avengers part. This felt like a good cap point when it was done. Yes, they left themselves a way back… it’s based on a comic book, duh. There’s always a way to come back.

Speaking of that – I spoke to somebody that read the comics as a kid. Yeah, you may or may not be disappointed in the way a couple of story lines got blended together. It’s not the comic (just as the Hobbit movie isn’t the book). I only really know the films, and from that point of view – it worked for me. There were a couple of fairly predictable parts from my point of view, but that’s part of “hitting the right notes”.

Notes – the music was not at all what I thought it would be. Funny that I’d notice that, but I did. The cynical part of me thinks they just couldn’t afford the royalties to the rock music anymore.

The kid in the movie was well done. Good acting on his part. The smaller parts really were good in this. The lady in the bar, the sheriff that meets a bad end, the guy in the TV truck – all totally believable (if not a little scary – guy in the truck I’m looking at you). Stan had his cameo – and it was amusing.

The ending – you know, the bit after all the credits roll? Yeah, really nice cameo. I like that particular actor quite a bit. Stay for it.

That about sums it up I think… OH, yeah, the 3D bit. It wasn’t distracting, so I’ll say good. Needed? I’m not so certain of that, but at least it didn’t take away from the film. I’ll also say this is worthy of a trip to the big screen even though it wasn’t the over the top special effects bonanza I was afraid it was going to be. Well done and likely to be added to the home collection to round out the set (at least until the next one comes out;)

One thought on “IRON MAN 3

  1. Loved the movie!!! There are things that I thought were weird like…
    1. Kid from Tennessee with no Tennessee accent…
    Well I suppose I won’t list the rest. I don’t like spoilers and my list would give things away.

    I have seen Iron Man Extremis which I think is amazing. It is incredibly violent compared to the movies and Avengers animated series. I was hoping they would show Tony’s new suit that they show in the Extremis series but I suppose they are saving that for the next Avengers.

    So now I wait for the new Thor this year and Captain America: Winter Soldier next year!

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