My blog here has been neglected lately, and it shouldn’t be. There’s been an awful lot going on – but isn’t there always?

I posted the following on social media, but somehow forgot to post it here:

This is probably going to be a long post, so if you’re into the short version I’ll start with that:
I got laid off last Friday. I have no job.
Now that we’re past the short part I’ll go a little more into things. Probably not a ton, but enough to maybe answer some questions that might pop up. I waited a couple of days before I said anything just to be certain I had some clarity. I have told a handful of folks in person before this, but not many.
No, I had no idea this was coming. Neither did my direct supervisor. He actually called me on Monday to apologize and offer a recommendation if needed. Two of the guys I worked with also offered recommendations if needed.
Yes, as far as I know I will get unemployment benefits after the 2 week waiting thing. I don’t really know much about it – any other time in my life I’ve moved directly from one job to the next. I’ve always had something lined up. This is all new to me.
Am I angry? I’m more disappointed than anything. There’s a part of me that is, but I’m really doing my best to focus and move past this. I’m not going to toss rage fueled statements out here or start playing conspiracy games about reasons and persons to blame. I’ve got thoughts and theories, but they’re just that. Airing them out just isn’t professional, so if I intend to continue to be a professional I should figure a way to get through this.
How does this change ______? I left that blank on purpose. There are a lot of things that will change because of this. One thing I don’t think will change substantially will be me. I am not my work and my work is not me. Yes, I like(ed) my work but it was just that ~ work. I’m going to be pulling back on a lot of things and staying close to home. The less I spend the better off we’ll be if this lasts more than a couple of weeks. I am really upset about the fact that once again a planned family vacation will be screwed up by my work crapping out. It’s happened more than once and it deeply frustrates me. I want to be able to give that kind of experience to my daughter and not always be caught up in “sorry, daddy’s work isn’t paying him again”. That’s the part that *really* pisses me off.
Enough of that line of thought. I have updated my resume and already have a half dozen leads. I had 3 of those leads the very next morning, just as soon as some folks heard I was available. I’m optimistic about the whole situation but not too hopeful. I’m not going to run and jump at the very first thing that pops up on my e-mail. I want the next step to be right.
Hopefully this covers the questions that might pop up. I have had the chance to chat with a few friends and they have all been extremely supportive. I appreciate that. It sucks, but I’ll land on my feet.
So – anybody hiring?

Today marks 2 weeks since I was laid off from my day job. I told myself I was going to pretend that I was actually a full time writer while I’m looking for new work. That hasn’t really worked out so far. The “work” of looking for a job seems to be devouring a significant amount of time – as it should – but has also been draining. I believe I’ve gotten a handle on things around the house and intend to start getting things in my creative world back in order.

What kicked this actually getting back to the creative change off? One of the coolest feelings I’ve had in a long time – I got a royalties statement from the publisher (and yes, it included money for me!). I think I could get used to a schedule like I have now. I know I’ll need to get back to my day job here very soon – but so far this hasn’t been terrible. Changes / transitions are a difficult thing. I’m hoping this one works out for the best.

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