New Year, Same You?

I’m certain I’ve posted about this before, but I believe that post was at least 2 years ago‚Ķ and on Live Journal (in a separate debate, I’m wondering if I should keep LJ and what to do if I want to shut it down).

So, the time of year for resolutions. Other than the convenience of the calendar, why now? I think it’s an important question. When you want to make a change in your life it doesn’t need to be tied to an arbitrary date on the calendar. Make a change that you know you can live with, even if it’s small.

Many years ago I made a “New Year’s Resolution” to never make a resolution like that again. I’ve been so much happier since then when this time of year rolls around. It is the one resolution I made that I have kept every year. Change, if you want it, can happen any time.

I hope you have a wonderful, happy, healthy new year.

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