Old Timey

Do you like old time radio shows? If you do, there’s a podcast out there you should dig up and listen to. Hidden Harbor Mysteries. I’m going to cheat and let them do the description part:

Hidden Harbor, a small city with big problems. The criminal element strikes by night and blends into the population by day. One woman has the guts and the power to stand up to the enemies of Hidden Harbor, both foreign and domestic.

Hiidden Harbor Mysteries is a full-cast audio drama serial that uses modern technology to re-create a sound and feel from the golden age of radio.

The vocal talent here is great. I love listening to the voices. The story is neat and different from things I’ve heard before. It’s fun – and most importantly, it’s in bite size chunks. The episodes run in the area of about 20 minutes – so you can always squeeze one into your day someplace.

They’ve even got sponsors:


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