Right Justified

I don’t know how many folks I’ve ever talked to about certain aspects of the way I drive (bet the post title made you think this was about page set up). I tend not to talk about driving too much because I don’t really like it. One of the things I’ve done over time is develop for myself ways to get around some of the worst driving tie-ups in the area or ways to get to my favorite locations with less hassle.

I tend not to make left turns if I can help it.

Going to Cupboard Maker Books is a great example. When I go there, I go in a great big circle. It’s probably a shorter distance to go with one route only, but I use two. I use all right turns to go from here in Camp Hill, through Enola and around to the store. Almost all right turns, including into the parking lot there. When I leave, I turn right out of the parking lot and head down along the river then turn right to come back up the hill here to the house. Likely the shortest physical route, but requiring at least 4 left turns if I were to head TO the store that way. The thing is, with all the right turns, I don’t have to wait for the light(s) or cross traffic. It’s easy and I generally keep moving. Unless I totally don’t know the area I’m driving in I always try to plan my route out like this. Right turns are easy – I like them.

As it turns out – I’m not alone. UPS has some interesting things to say on the subject: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/why-ups-drivers-don-t-make-left-turns-172032872.html

So – right justified, right?

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