Speed of the Net (and other things)

It never ceases to amaze me when I sign on and realize that another week has shot past. There are days when I wish I could just write (things like this, and other things) all the time. I’m not certain I’m ready to make that leap. The business of writing is quite volatile these days. There are fewer or rather newer gate keepers and a chance to rocket to unbelievable heights. Mostly there is the same chance there has always been – to toil in obscurity never going beyond the current point.

I am endeavoring to change that. In my stolen moments I am writing, and submitting stories. To that end, I submitted a story to Interzone just this past weekend. I am grateful for the connectivity of the internet that allowed me to make a connection where I had been unwilling to attempt before. So – time flies and so do the e-submissions! I will definitely keep everyone posted on this as I know more.

I’d say I was crossing my fingers, but it’s really difficult to type that way.

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