The Mundane and the Middle Eastern

Haven’t been terribly productive lately – or posted a lot. Stress at work – but most of that went away when I passed the biggest certification test I needed on Friday. One more certification test to go, but I’m much more confident about the next one.

In the good timing department Shiny (my lovely daughter) was scheduled to be off camping last night. The wife and I got some celebration time after we dropped the kiddo off, but not much – we were pretty wiped out from the week.

Today was an excellent day. The wife and I spent the entire day together. It was like an extended date. Most of what we did was totally mundane (like visiting relatives, shopping, watching a show), but we did it together and that made all the difference.

The non-mundane stuff: we went and had Lebanese food for dinner at Cedars in Camp Hill. The food was delicious. We may just venture that way again.

Capstone: went to Cupboard Maker Books (personal favorite) to help the owner celebrate¬†being named 2013’s Bookseller of the Year! It’s a great shop – you should drop by if you’re in the area and pick up something to read.¬†

I’ve got a handful of posts lined up and waiting – just have to crank them out. More soon.