The Wonder of a 10 year old

I tend to stay away from too much family talk here. I make every attempt to stay away from the cult of personality culture that has developed in this country. I hope that people can find health and happiness in whatever form their family takes – and I don’t really care what the star du jour is doing when not at work. I think people working in public view – as famous or as unknown as you like – still have a right to have enjoyable family time and YOU don’t get to be part of that.

Having said all that, I want to share a bit of conversation I had with my daughter today.

Her, “So, I was the first person in my science class to finish the circuit and make the light bulb light up.”

Me, “That’s great sweetie!”

Her, “Yeah, I was also the first person to shock myself. That was tingly. What do you call the metal part at the bottom of a light bulb?”

It was such an awesome little conversation. There was more about the young man sitting next to her dropping his bulb and how one of the other kids wanted to copy her and she wouldn’t because, “you’re supposed to be learning…” but the point was how she encapsulated all the wonder and excellence of growing and learning in just a couple of sentences. I love that she was first in science for anything. That’s great. I love that she’s taken a few notes from Hermione (from Harry Potter) and wants everyone to learn not just copy. I particularly love that she mentioned she was also the first to get… let’s say negative results from her work. She electrocuted herself just a teeny bit and didn’t even slow down. She kept working and wondering and trying to figure stuff out. It was awesome and I did what I could to encourage more of that behavior. I couldn’t have been happier.

I am so constantly amazed by my daughter and all the wonder that goes with being ten. I am just going to soak it in because I know it will be gone too soon. IF you have a chance, get out there and wonder like a ten year old. Think past the bumps and the wrong turns and keep driving toward what you’re really interested in. That feeling will go away far too quickly if you let it.

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