Time Traders

Time Traders (Time Traders / Ross Murdock, #1-2)Time Traders by Andre Norton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It is absolutely worth your time to go and grab this one.

I picked up the Baen Free Library version when I was in between other titles and was just drawn into this one. Fantastic fun idea – Time Agents. There are certain aspects of this book that date it, both in world view from the time (America’s greatest enemy) and in the descriptions of certain technology that was alien to the main characters. At one point in the book a set of headphones are described. I knew what they were, but the way they were described gave me a vision of some very old (from my point of view) headphones. I’m sure those would have been very cutting edge at the time. That is one of the dangers or drawbacks to describing any “super future” technology.

Despite all those things I was still in on the adventure. I could absolutely see this as a television series.

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