Behind The Curtain

I’ve posted a couple of times lately about the new story I’ve got coming out in TV Gods, but I don’t want this to be the “promote my work” channel.

I like the idea of getting a peek behind the curtain from time to time and thought I’d offer one of my own.

Both of my stories that have been published in the Defending The Future series feature military members that are part of “Resource Command”. I suspect there are a lot of non-genre folks that would see this as a kind of prediction that science fiction is commonly known for. I don’t believe for a moment that fans will be shocked to hear that real science in combination with other news sources were part of the inspiration behind a military command group based around fighting for resources.

There has been news in many forms about climate change and associated dangers. There have even been official reports and news about those reports. It’s a simple extrapolation really. Take an idea from that – there will be riots in the future because people can’t get enough clean water – then ask – how to many places respond to riots? With force. Suddenly there’s a police or military need to respond to what people are doing about getting water. Voila – military science fiction story idea.

I genuinely hope we don’t ever need a military command to oversee who gets water and who does not. I don’t believe that will end well for anyone – except perhaps the already super wealthy that think like this too.

I do also love to hear about technology that works toward energy and preservation of resources, so don’t be shocked if a solar chimney appears in an upcoming story…

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