BRexit Anxiety

I suspect there are a lot of folks on this side of the pond that didn’t know a whole lot about the referendum vote going on in Great Britain about leaving the EU. It was certainly news to me – mostly because I split my time evenly between desperately avoiding news reports on shootings and desperately avoiding news reports on the circus that our own political system has become. That pretty much means I don’t watch the news because that’s all they talk about. I make every attempt to read a number of different news sources when I can – but this wasn’t a big topic.

Well, not a big topic until now.

I have no idea what the long term consequences of this choice will be. Nobody does really. It’s the immediate that concerns me the most. Why? It just so happens I’ll be traveling to Great Britain next week.

Time for a family holiday – right in the middle of a mess.

I’m really hoping all this means on our travels is a better exchange rate for the dollar vs. the GBP. My only previous experience with overseas travel has been with the military. This will be the first time with my family – traveling on a passport, not a military ID.

We’ve traveled before – but in a time before the need for a passport for our neighbors. The wife and I have been to Canada and to Mexico. We took the kiddo to the Caribbean Islands with us. We’ve flown together inside the U.S. and did just fine. It still makes me worry about going someplace that is distinctly ‘not home’ when things are unsettled.

Stiff upper lip. Keep calm – we’re going. I can’t wait to share this with my family.


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