Myke Cole is a very interesting guy. He wouldn’t remember me, despite having met a couple of times at conventions and such. He was kind enough to sign my copy of Best Laid Plans – the one he wrote the forward for, and my first appearance in the Defending the Future series.

I will say with absolute honesty (and I do strive for honesty all the time – not just when it’s convenient) that I wasn’t a fan of his first book. It’s not the style or the setting, Myke is a good author and I read that book very quickly. He is a pro and I’m not. I’m speaking strictly from the fan point of view on that. I love to read a good story, but I’ve learned over the years there are certain things I NEED when I’m going to delve into a book and become one with the main character. Oscar Britton is not the right hero for me. Maybe I’ll read Shadow Ops again in the future and it will speak to me in a new way. I doubt it – but I’m willing to try. Why would I be willing to try? Because Myke has shown me stuff in person and on his blog that makes me WANT to read his work. I have seen more than one thing from him that shows me something about him. I am seeing things that make me respect what he writes – even if I don’t like it. I respect him and what he does. That counts for an awful lot in my world.

Want to see the post that kicked this thought off in my head? You should. Go and read this:

Now that you’ve read that, take some time and think about who you are. I mean really think about it honestly. If you don’t lie to yourself, there are likely things you want to change. It’s certainly true for me. Wrap your head around the topic he’s speaking on if you can. That’s huge. I’m very glad he wrote that, and in some small way I want to try to pass that along.

I hope, in the future, to be able to speak openly and honestly in a manner like Myke does. He is worthy of respect.

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  1. I haven’t read Myke’s book yet but, after that I really want to. I am remarkably impressed with the post you linked to and just wanted to hug him at the end of it. LOL I may do that at the next con I see him at anyway…poor guy. It was a very honest and thought provoking look at friendship and what it means to be not only a man but, a worthy friend. He’s right about the amount of bravery and so much more it takes to look the world in the eye and say you really are going to live your life as who you are and not who other people want to believe you to be…it’s awe inspiring.

    Thank you for sharing the link to this.

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