SPAM is tasty

SPAM is a tasty product. I like it enough to eat it straight up out of the can (and often do). Maybe I should have been Hawaiian? I’m not sure how such an excellent thing as SPAM got associated with all the crap that bombards a web site on a regular basis. I think it’s an entirely unwarranted connection. We need a new word for that nasty stuff from people trying to bomb your e-mail or your web site. OK, we need new words that we can use in polite company and in front of children. I’ve found many creative sets of alternative words to describe this stuff, just none that were all that appropriate for public consumption. I’ve gotten easily 5x the number of spams to number of actual comments in the moderation bin. I suspect that ratio won’t change.

Clearly I need more time to focus on my writing and art – and my web site. I would love to find the best way for me to stop all the stupid crap that ends up in my mailbox because “tshirtlove69ru” has decided that I *need* to post his/her advertisement for some product (undoubtedly along with some virus or trojan or something). The development speed here is dismal (and I think that’s being kind to myself) but I really want this to be me, and my learning process. I hope to squeeze in some more work on this and  update material here (like my convention schedule for Balticon!) before I’m away for a few days.


I just need a few more hours in the day.