Fail Big

I’m quite taken with something a friend of mine has said before… you can’t fail big if you don’t plan big.

There are a lot of times I find myself worried about what others will think of my written work. I spend more time than I should looking at the words I want to post here on my own site just to be certain of how they sound when read and if they convey what I actually mean.

I read two reviews today that make me wonder if I’m (once again) over thinking things. The movie “Lucy” opened this past weekend. The preview looked really interesting. The first tally from the box office I heard was something in the line of 44 million dollars. The reviewers said things like,

“First this is embarrassingly dumb, and then it just gets boring”.


“…Lucy is an aggressively dumb movie masquerading as a thoughtful one…”

I am actually a fan of the director and like the look of the preview – so despite reviews like this I will still see the film.

As for personal observations from this? I hope I 44 million dollars “fail” sometime in the near future..

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