Fantastic Weekend

The weather has been fantastic. This is a great spring weekend. I suspect I picked a very difficult time of year to start doing lots of work on this “inside” kind of project.

On the up side, I got an old fashioned thank you note in the mail from a friend. I was shocked (at least initially) and then felt really grateful that I still know other folks that think things like that are important.

Up and stumbling

I’d like to say everything’s up and running, but stumbling is more accurate. There’s a lot of work to do here – and very little knowledge on my part about how to get it done. This will take time.

I know some helpful folks have passed suggestions along to me about SPAM control, but until I get a little better at everything here – ALL comments are being moderated… at least when I get the chance to log on here and check things out they will. Still need to keep the day job rolling along.

Yay! The web site is up and visible. I’m on my way!


So… Here’s hoping somebody other than me can see this.

No, Mark, you don’t count – you’re sitting right here.

Frustration Continues

So, I still can’t figure out what the hell I’m doing wrong that this web site can’t be seen. To add to that, I’ve had 4 spam comments that have found there way there – even when nobody else can see the site. Stupid spammers.


Sooner or later, I’m going to figure out how to drive this here website correctly and get something posted that everyone can see.