Red pill or blue pill

I don’t remember what pill made things back the way they were – clearly I need to go back and watch the Matrix again.

As is often the case, the real world has crashed into fantasy land and things here at the Pretend Blog got tossed by an airbag or something.

For those that are with me here, but not with me on other social media allow me to draw back the veil… my wife has landed herself in the hospital. So far it’s been 5 days – and doesn’t look like she’ll be home before next weekend at the earliest.

I’m hoping that will get her all healed up and back to a place where she can start to get healthy again. Until then, things here may be more sporadic than usual.

Time Delay

It’s a challenge to keep things up to date here at the site lately. The new video card for the computer arrived today. The last piece to finish fixing / updating the computer. Soon we should have additional RAM, new video and TWO new wide screens up and running. Being able to actually work on the home computer again as opposed to being limited to the work system should help things considerably!

As far as the actual work – still getting the rejections piling up. Just got another one, this time from Wicked Words Quarterly. One of these days something is going to stick.

More Soon.

Scan It!

I read this link¬†about the “hidden” treasure room for the Army. The Indiana Jones aspect appealed to me or I might not have dug into this one (puns away!). There are so many items listed nobody would ever be able to see them all. I believe the museum is worthy of pursuit, but I wonder if somebody there should attempt to jump on the Smithsonian’s band wagon.

The Smithsonian can only ever display around 1% of all the treasures they have – and I think that’s sad. Something they have started doing is using a laser scanner to create 3D images they can then upload to the web so interested folks can look at / study them. The part I think is MOST cool about this is that you can down load many of the scanned models and run them through a 3D printer wherever you happen to be, creating a real version you can hold in your hand. There is something to be said for the power of holding something in your hand. Check out the things they have here:¬†

Getting information out there for study is awesome. I hope the Army works something out along these lines. It seems a shame that nobody can see those things.

Oscar Who?

As I sit here typing this there’s an award show going on. I didn’t realize this until somebody else mentioned via social media that they were watching. I was never so wrapped up in the cult of fame that I felt the need to track these awards or anything that went along with them. Yes, I’ve watched them from time to time in the past. Yes, some of the movies nominated for this award were fantastic films. Some of the winners of various awards should have handed them back in shame rather than accept when the more deserving entrant was sitting there clapping politely.

Sports on the other hand, sports I always paid attention to. I hadn’t missed a Stuper Bowl in decades. Despite not really caring for baseball I would keep one eye on the Sox just to see if they were going to beat the Yankees this year or not (Yankees suck!). Same with the Celtics and Bruins. Other sports were bonus material. I’d pick up notes about tennis, racing, big names in golf, anything really.

Then we cut the cable in our house.

It’s been over 2 years now since we shut it off. I almost feel like I should be going to some kind of meeting. Television is an addiction. I didn’t realize it until lately. I was depending on the box in the corner to provide something to me and walking away was difficult at first. Even now I feel the pull. I’m drawn to settle into the passive state of watching the colors flash by, listening to the magic of sound effects. There’s no significant difference in the product over the past 2 years. I suspect many would agree that the product has actually declined in quality while becoming more abundant.

I missed the stupor bowl this year. Most say I didn’t miss much – the game was terrible and the commercials weren’t as tantalizing as years past. I felt like I was outside looking in on something. I was near the party, I was invited, but I didn’t have a way to get there. *Everyone* was talking about it. In the end, I’m not sure I really missed much. I heard the chatter, caught up with the best commercials after the fact and watched the highlights from the game during an on-line sports report. I acquired the same information if not the “enjoyment” factor… but then we had dinner guests that night and I found the company of friends much more warming and fun than sitting and staring at the flickering colors of a flat channel that doesn’t care about me more than how many dollars they can squeeze out of my pocket.

Television is gone. I might slip back now and again to broadcast channels, but I don’t see cable coming back… ever.